Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Crossroads Bar and Grill Review

UPDATE 04/04/2013: Driving by the Crossroads location last weekend, we noticed they are no longer open! There are still four other locations around the area ( check here to find the closest one to you), but the Bellevue location is getting turned into a Tutta Bella, which does not seem to promising for the GF crowd.

Jason here. I finally found a place that has decent gluten free wings, Crossroads Bar and Grill. Now I say decent of course, not fantastic which is fine, they do not specialize in wings. What actually peaked our interest was that they clearly displayed on their sign that you can substitute any burger bun, for gluten free buns for a $1. Any restaurant that is innately gluten intolerant aware, I'm willing to try. I was again pleasantly surprised when we got our menus. The menu clearly labeled every gluten free item with a little symbol. There was a nice variety of choices, from salmon, steak, ribs, wings, chicken, burgers, and salads all of which were gluten free, or had easy substitutions such as buns for the burgers. I would note that while the restaurant has a pretty varied menu, it is certainly catered to bar and grill foods, since that is what the restaurant is.

The wait staff was also very pleasant. Aside from just being friendly overall, they were also genuinely cared about the patrons. When my wings came out, I asked what brand of ranch they used, or if they knew if it was gluten free. The waiter said he wasn't sure, but would go ask. He also gave me a scare because he added quickly, that he did not think the wings are gluten free because they are breaded (I do not think they were breaded, but it would be an easy mistake to make on looks alone). He came back and assured me that everything was gluten free. It is very nice when you have a wait staff that care about the patrons which is the case with Crossroads.

My meal consisted of a mixed drink called, "Absolut Sparkling Lemonade",  Garlic Buffalo Wings, and celery with ranch dressing. More and more I see wings come without any celery or carrots, so a tip of my hat to Crossroads for including those. The wings were well cooked, with a nice coating of sauce on the wings. The sauce itself was not very spicy, but very tasty.

The second time we went, I got a Western Round-Up burger substituting a gluten free bun. I asked the waiter if the fries were gluten free and he assured me they most certainly were. So with that I had a side of fries with my burger. The burger comes with cheddar cheese, bacon, onions, lettuce, tomato, pickles, and BBQ sauce. I ordered mine without onions and tomato. The burger was delicious over all. A little messy, so I wouldn’t order this if you are on a date, or trying to look professional. The French fries were crispy on the outside with some fluff on the inside, making them an excellent addition.

Kayleigh here! The first time we went, I was on a huge seafood kick, so I got the coco prawns (which I admit, are not gluten free). Since that's a bit out of the jurisdiction of this here blog, I'll just leave it at a two thumbs up. The second time, I decided to take the GF burger dive with Jason, and got the 'Tree hugger' burger, which is their version of the veggie burger. The rice-based patty was a fantastic surprise, when I was fully ready for the usual frozen Morning Star fare, and the bun was lightly herbed, with a lovely texture. And I must say, for any GF diner missing out on good old fast food style fries, look no further than Crossroads! Combining it with a Happy Hour top shelf drink on the rocks is just a bonus!

Overall, I think the Crossroads Bar and Grill, has been the best restaurant we have gone to in Bellevue. They are very gluten friendly, and it shows through their menu, and wait staff. The food is great and the wait staff friendly.

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