Thursday, February 28, 2013

Square Lotus Review

Jason here. A little while ago now we had some family up for the week. This was a great opportunity to go out and eat at some fun restaurants. The fourth and last place we went to was Square Lotus.

As soon as you walk in to Square Lotus there is a sign that says they are gluten intolerant and vegetarian friendly. A good first sign. Unfortunately if you are also vegetarian, there vegetarian menu says right at the top they use a combination of tofu and gluten.

I ordered the Seafood Crunchy Noodle off the regular menu. It was delicious. All of the carrots, broccoli, bok choy, snow peas, mushrooms, bell peppers, shrimp, scallops, and squids were all served on top of the pan-fried rice noodles. The rice noodles were both crunch, and soft depending on if they were soaking in the delicious juice or not. As you can tell, this dish is filled with many different food items. Usually I tend not to like meals where the food is all mixed together, but this was absolutely delicious. Every item lent itself to the overall flavor, which soaked into the noodles, and seafood. I was happy to find that I had plenty of left overs which I took into work the next day. This made a great lunch that I could quickly heat up in the microwave.

Kayleigh here. I ordered the vegetarian Vermicelli Noodle Bowl, which I do believe has gluten in it, but you may be able to request they remove the fake meat to make it safe. The portion was enormous- I had easily enough for a couple lunches over the next couple days. But man, did it hold up well, and even taste great refridgerator-cold! My only regret on that was not taking home a little container of sauce to go with it, because it really brought the flavors together and brightened the dish up wonderfully.

Overall, Square lotus is a definite two thumbs up for the both of us! With an extensive menu of flavorful Vietnamese dishes, they range from the Pho and stir fry options you would expect to more unusual and tantalizing options (Asparagus soup? Papaya salad? Yes please!). And the best part? Nearly all the dishes on the menu are gluten free without having to make any substitutions! You should definitely mention your sensitivity to the server, just in case- our waitress was really on the ball, and knew how to answer all of our questions, even double checking with the chefs to verify. We will DEFINITELY be visiting Square Lotus again- see you there!

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