Monday, December 10, 2012

Arnies Restaurant Review

Jason here. A little while back it was Kayleigh’s birthday, and we wanted to celebrate by going out to a nice restaurant for dinner. You see, ever since we moved to the King County area, Kayleigh has been dying to go out to a nice seafood restaurant and enjoy a well cooked fish. I on the other hand, don’t really enjoy fish. I enjoy shellfish, just not fish. With this in mind, Kayleigh chose a place down on the bay called Arnies.

The atmosphere of Arnies is perfect for a date. For starters, it overlooks the bay for what I suspect would be a very nice view during the day. We went at night, so unfortunately it was too dark outside to really see anything past the dock. Inside, it has a high class dining atmosphere. The type of restaurant you wear a nice suit to.

The main part of my meal consisted of garlic mashed potatoes, and a steak. The steak came slightly pink on the inside, which is exactly how I like it. The highlight of my meal though, wasn’t the steak. It was actually the mashed potatoes. You see, right after it was brought out, the waiter came over with a cup of bacon bits and told me how delicious they were, and would I like some added to my mashed potatoes, and how much. After discussing a bit, she added a few heaping spoonful’s.  Usually when you get bacon bits added, it is only a few pieces which act more of an accent. With that amount I really tasted bacon with each bite, and I loved it.

To drink I ordered their, “Dragon Berry Bite” which consists of Bacardi Dragon Berry Rum, lemonade and cranberry juice. As I have mentioned in previous posts, I tend not to like drinks which taste overly of alcohol, so this fit my tastes perfect, very fruity and sweet, with just a hint of rum.

Kayleigh here. I admit, the entrée I selected (fried prawns with cocktail sauce) was decidedly not gluten-free, so I cannot speak on the food aspect as much. I can say the wait staff was very attentive, and we saw the manager making rounds several times over the course of our dinner, so we were never concerned about questions going unanswered, or courtesies slipping through the cracks. In fact, the waitress was able to cite gluten risks off the top of her head for nearly every dish, so we did not even have to wait in between questions and answers! This service, coupled with the amazing layout of the room (literally every table in the restaurant has a waterfront view), made it a place I will very likely pick again for my birthday next year!

All in all, Arnies is not a restaurant that caters to a gluten free audience, but it is well aware and equipped to deal with substitutions and cross-contamination prevention. And if you have any questions about what is and is not safe on their menu, do not be afraid to ask!

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