Monday, September 17, 2012

Blue Moon Burgers Review

Jason here. A weekend or so ago, we decided to take a trip downtown to the Woodland Park Zoo. We planned it so we left early in the morning, and be leaving sometime between lunch and dinner. This way we could stop at one of the nearby gluten free places and grab a bite to eat. We decided on a burger joint named Blue Moon Burgers.

Wow do they have some delicious burgers. Both Kayleigh and I got their signature El Diablo Azul burger. The burger has cayenne and cumin seasonings, as well as a buffalo sauce. Jalapeno bottle caps, pepper jack cheese, fresh lettuce, and Pico de Gallo. Usually it is served on a Potato Square, but we requested the gluten free buns. As I said this burger is delicious. It came dripping in sauce, which had a unique creamy buffalo taste. Much more than a burger with Franks Red Hot splashed on top, which you see so often. The jalapeno bottle caps were substituted with fresh jalapeno slices, to make the burger gluten free. All of the produce was very fresh, including the jalapenos which added a nice kick to the burger. Despite all of the spicy toppings, I would not call it overly spicy. The buffalo sauce and jalapenos added spice, and only enough heat to add to the experience. The gluten free buns were good, but fairly standard in both taste and texture. That is to say, the burger buns were not there to add taste, but merely a device used to transport the rest of the meal. The only warning I have about the burger is that it was very messy. The sauce was dripping off the burger, and there were a lot of toppings which slid out at times. So if you are on a date, I would recommend you get something a little more manageable to eat.

We also split an order of fries. For one serving we definitely got our money’s worth, because there was a heaping of fries in our dish. The fries were nicely cooked. They came out on that fine line of well done enough to be crunchy on the outside, but still light and fluffy on the inside. Other than that I don’t have much else to say about the fries.

I am happy to say the restauaunt is very gluten friendly. They advertise right on their website and menu that they cater to gluten free individuals. When I ordered the El Diablo Azul burger with the gluten free bun substation, without missing a beat the waiter asked if I would also like to substitute the jalapeno bottle caps with just fresh jalapeno slices, since the bottle caps contain gluten.

Kayleigh here. The waitress really did impress me with how well she knew the menu, and what allergens were in each item. She filled us in about the gluten free frier as well, guaranteeing that no cross-contamination would reach the fries. I would also like to mention how fabulous the handmade peanut butter shake is. I mean, I'm a happy camper any time a restaurant has peanut butter somewhere on the menu, and it is a huge bonus when I do not need to finagle a special order to get it. According to their menu, you can even mix the various flavors together- maybe I'll throw in some strawberry next time!

So, next time you are planning a trip downtown, check to see if there is a Blue Moon Burgers in the neighborhood. Plenty of signature burger options, as well as the ability to make a custom burger with gluten free, vegetarian, and just plain unique options. Of course, it helps that their ingredients are locally sourced, fresh, and hand-made on premises. And really, it is a freshness you can taste.

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